The Tuckerman Movie ( is a psychological thriller filmed and produced exclusively in Arkansas that includes almost 35 Arkansas actors starring Michael ‘Doc’ Davis ( and Shelia Stanfield ( Here is the movie plot outline: As a teenager, Robert Coltman had loved Connie Sutton. Now, as an adult, she's committed suicide. Or so they say. Returning to his hometown to investigate, strange occurrences force him to realize: Sometimes memories come back to haunt you. Information about the movie, contact information, DVD’s, VOD, and more are available from the Tuckerman Movie website –

The Premiere was a spectacular event with an incredible movie presentation at the Rave Motion Pictures Theater ( We started out with a cast and crew pre-event meet up at Copelands ( in Little Rock, Arkansas. Nearly everyone in the movie was there and it was almost like a family reunion. There were people catching up and some meeting for the first time. After Copelands, it was time for the Limousine trip to the Rave Theater. Each time the Limo pulled up to the Premiere, we were all greeted by a Red Carpet walkway, people applauding, cameras clicking and flashing, news crews interviewing, autograph requests, and people everywhere. To sum it up in one word, EXCITING! There were also a lot of Arkansas radio stations represented that helped promote the event like Signal Media’s The Point 94.1 (, Clear Channel stations and Crain Media stations. On top of all of this, we were all treated absolutely wonderful by all of the Rave Theater staff.

The movie began after a few words from the Director and Writer, Jett West ( of Independent Guerrilla ( During several moments of the movie, the audience was quiet as the big screen grabbed their attention with the building plot. The scenes ranged from dark voodoo, light comical, ‘what the heck’ moments, and some that can’t be said without giving away surprises. The movie indeed kept the audience guessing all the way to the end. Overall this movie is a GREAT product as a result of a LOT of hard work from a LOT of people. ‘GREAT JOB’ to ALL of the cast and crew. Props and other items from the movie were given away to some VERY happy audience members at the end of the event.

Being one of the Stars of this movie is a great honor and privilege for me. It was amazing to see all of the scenes that we shot and everything stitched together by the editors Wain Bradley ( and Jimmy Westmoreland ( I am still awestruck by this movie and being part of it and to see it on the same screen as BIG production movies from Hollywood.

I look forward to working with everyone again on future projects. I also wanted to thank EVERYONE for coming out to the event.



Robert Coltman (adult) — Michael ‘Doc’ Davis (, Robert Coltman (teen) — A. J. Purnell, Robert Coltman (child) — Ethan Westmoreland, Michelle Tanner (adult) — Shelia Stanfield (, Michelle Tanner (child) — Dreama Parham, Kaitlyn Coltman — Robin Wantland, Connie Sutton (adult) — Michae Orfanos, Connie Sutton (teen) — Leena Reppucci, Donald Lenard — Tony Gschwend, Launa Lenard — Jenny Blaylock, Leena Lenard — Andrea Whittle, Tom Burns — Chuck Lawrence (, James P. North — Larry Sullivan, Sonya Campbell-Matthews — Jennifer “Jay” Welsh, Ralph Matthews — Mike Brabender, Kevin Bristol — Patrick Beam (, Hotel Clerk — Kelly Griffin, Woman at hotel/Butt Girl — Jennifer Burnett, Friend at hotel — Chris Wilks, George Sutton — M.D. Graham, Mary Sutton — Sharon Smith, Girl at convenience store — Jacie Keisler, Boy at convenience store — Ben Orfanos, Rebecca Moore — Ashlee Reppucci, Eddie Macon — Travis Branham, Cashier — Cindy Keisler, Police Officer — Randy Keisler, Boyfriend #1 — Jimmy Westmoreland, Boyfriend #2 — Sharpe Dunaway, Stephen Olson — Chris Haggins, Randy Olson — Doug Williams, News Anchor — John Lee


Director — Jett West

DPs — Reggie Hamilton, Redmond Keisler, Jimmy Westmoreland, Wain Bradley, Tony Gschwend

Editors — Wain Bradley ( and Jimmy Westmoreland (


See you all at the next event and thank you all,

Michael "Doc" Davis (Actor, Comedian, Entertainer, Event Host / MC)

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