What an incredible experience this was indeed.  The best part for me was twofold; first was working with other incredibly talented actors and second was the awesome crew.  The team I was on included people that I’ve worked with on stage and on films.  Some of the films include Anyone, The Conversation and the upcoming film called Blood Red. 

We drew the genre of Comedy.  The name we had to use was Geoff Cooke, the prop was a tire, and the phrase was ‘Here we go again’.  This was a perfect roadmap to a crazy and fun night of filming.  We named our comedy short film ‘Rent Party’.  We only had 48 hours to write, move to location, setup, film, edit, and render, render, render… did I say render.  We picked a location that had a pool and awesome half naked women in bikinis.  Oh and It also included a dude with a sweater vest when not even wearing a shirt and I’m not mentioning his name.  HA!!!  You will have to see the short film to find out.  With the GREAT crew and cast, we were on time submitting our entry to the festival.

I got to get my geek on as a character named Dave the Dork.  I played opposite of two other kick-awesome comedians (Amy Pannell and Michael Brown) and actors (Ron McDaniel, Leon Tidwell, and Jaimee Jensen.)  I went all out with this but not Full Dork… no one goes ‘FULL’ dork.  LOL!  Dave the Dork ended up getting quite a bit of attention.  So much so, I had to buy the domain http://davethedork.com.   Several of us pulled double duty with acting and crew duties.  Stacy Newman aka Stormy did an incredible job with makeup and putting up with us.  Kat and Kevin Yares really brought it and were amazing with the audio / sound.  Leon Tidwell manned the camera and nailed the shots.  Scott McEntire kicked butt as the director.  Amy Pannell, Michael Brown, and Scott McEntire did some bang up writing and made room for fun improv. in the script as well.  Chris Wilks and Christina Harrison got their edit on to get our entry on time along with playing extras in the short film.  Finally, Angie Woods and Kristie McEntire were also extras in the film and brought the heat in more than one way… wink wink.  Here is the fan page link to 'Rent Party' – http://www.facebook.com/comediandoc#!/pages/Rent-Party-Fan-Page/144303778936059?ref=ts.

At the premiers, it was like all of the teams were family.  Everyone was complementary and encouraging of each other’s work.  All I can say is WOW!!!  During the presentation, we were part of group A with 9 other INCREDIBLE short films and teams.  I have to say, Arkansas has some serious talent for sure and I could tell right away that the judges were going to have a VERY difficult time with selection.  You can find more information on all of the other short films with this link – http://www.littlerockfilmfestival.org/. 

Congratulations to all of the winners.  It was an honor to be part of the nominated group for Audience Choice.  I look forward to working on future projects with such GREAT talented actors and film crews from the film festival and abroad.

On a different note, ‘Rent Party’ has been submitted to additional Film Festivals and will be around for viewing.  I can get you a copy if you would like one.  I’ll update everyone on any awards that it might bring.

See you on the big screen,

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