I’ve had a most excellent time as a comedian performing live comedy on stages all over and wanted to try my hand at movies. Arkansas has provided me with many opportunities to do so as an actor. I’ve taken on several various roles to test my diversity. My character personalities are very diverse and include: an emotionally shocked /numb ex-boyfriend, a married-too-young frustrated husband, a smart-alec backstabbing businessman, a hungry stoner, a parody-style soap star, a fresh out of prison vengeful ex-husband, and a life-threatened Bio-Hazard guy. The adventure has been challenging at times, but challenges are always welcome. I have discovered a love of acting, producing, and writing films, along with performing live comedy. 

More films are on their way from WTF (Way Too Funny) Comedy throughout 2010 – 2011. The 48 Hour Film Festival 2010 in Little Rock, Arkansas will be here in just a couple of weeks. I have a huge announcement coming soon that involves a Hollywood Movie and Stage icon that I’ve watched since I was young. There is a VERY good chance that I may be involved in an event with them. I will announce this as soon as I can make it public. I will continue with acting in film opportunities as they arise throughout the foreseeable future.
I would like to update you about the films that I am currently involved in and what their current statuses are:
Tuckerman (Post Production, Winter 2010 Release, Filmed in Arkansas) – Every man remembers his first true love. As a teenager, Robert Coltman had loved Connie Sutton.  Now, as an adult, she’s committed suicide (Or so they say). Returning to his hometown in Tuckerman, Arkansas to investigate, strange occurrences force him to realize: Some memories come back to haunt you. Tuckerman is a feature-length thriller currently being produced by The Film Group, in association with Independent Guerilla and Written and Directed by Jett West. This was my debut in film, and I played the main character, as Robert Coltman (emotionally shocked /numb ex-boyfriend).  For more information – http://www.tuckermanfilm.com.
Anyone (Parallel Production & Post Production / End of 2010 Release, Filmed in Arkansas) — This is a feature-length character story with multiple storylines about 30-something southern suburbanites re-entering the dating world suddenly. This no-budget film has 40+ speaking parts, and has stayed on schedule from day one. Film Produced by Imaginary Friend Films, Written by Scott McEntire and Christian Neil, and Directed by Kelly Griffin,. I performed a supporting role as Jim Swindle (a married-too-young frustrated husband). For more information – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Anyone-Digital-Feature-Fan-Page/101277083245314.
The Conversation (Post Production, Tentative September 2010 Release, Filmed in Arkansas) — Trench (Chad Bradford), a visually impaired assassin, aims to prove to a local Reporter (Paige Reynolds) via an interview that society's stereotyping only blinds them from seeing an individual’s full potential. If you put a person into a box, be careful, he could defy all expectations. An off-beat dark comedy short Written and Directed by Leon Tidwell… I performed a supporting role for the opening as Mr. White (a smart-alec backstabbing businessman). For more information – http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Conversation/362711412472
ATM Stoners (Completed / Released June 2010, Filmed in Arkansas) — This is a Comedy Short about four guys who get a bit too stoned, don’t consider the after-effects of the munchies, and try to figure out what to do next. This is a WTF (Way Too Funny) Comedy Production, Written by Michael “Doc” Davis and Directed by James Foard / Rick Morgan. I performed in a leading role as the driver, Doc the Comedian (a hungry stoner), alongside the other WTF Comedians, Chucky D and Tommy Kelley.  For more information – http://www.wtfcomedy.com.
Cheating Girlfriends (Completed / Released July 2010, Filmed in Arkansas) — This is a Comedy Short about three guys trying to hold on to a relationship with their girlfriends after they realized they were cheated on. This is a WTF (Way Too Funny) Comedy Production, Written by Michael “Doc” Davis and Directed by James Foard / Rick Morgan. I performed in a leading role as Doc the Comedian (a parody-style soap star), alongside the other WTF Comedians, Chucky D and Tommy Kelley.   For more information – http://www.wtfcomedy.com.
Blood Red (Pre-Production / TBD 2011 Release, Filmed in Arkansas) — This is a feature-length film being shot in the Little Rock, Arkansas area. This film was written by Jaimee Nicole Jensen and directed by Scott McEntire.  It follows the story of Joelle (Jensen), Aimon (Ron McDaniel), and their daughter Joy as they move to a new town to begin a new life.  The situation turns sinister when Joelle's ex husband Richard (Michael “Doc” Davis) shows up to exact revenge.  A dramatic journey, Blood Red touches on issues such as domestic abuse, racism, and greed.  I performed a lead role as Richard (a fresh out of prison vengeful ex-husband). For more information – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Blood-Red/124955170875261.
Never Stop Running (Parallel Production & Post Production / October 2010 Release, Filmed in Arkansas) — Never Stop Running is an experimental short film that tells the story of a zombie attack from the first person point of view of a human survivor (POV). If there are zombies chasing you, you can never stop running… Written and Directed by Eric Deitz . I performed a supporting / extra role as the Bio-Hazard Soldier (life threatened Bio-Hazard guy). For more information –  http://www.zombieswilleatyou.com/.
I want to thank you all SO much for the support that has brought me this far. There is NO way I could have done this without the support and love from my fans, friends, family, and of course God.
This blog and other information is available on my website at http://www.MichaelDocDavis.com and also on FaceBook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Michael-Doc-Davis/52185300733.
Again, thank you…

Michael “Doc” Davis
aka Doc the Comedian

(Actor, Writer, Producer, Comedian, Entertainer, Event Host / MC)

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