What an incredible time and opportunity to be the feature performer and to be able to work with Tommy Kelley again and also the headliner Tim Statum for this Labor Day Weekend special show.  It was an awesome show that was recorded live (vs. dead) in front of a GREAT audience.  There was a VERY nice turnout on this Sunday night and the people were there for laughs.

Tommy Kelley opened the show and did a superb job being the show fluffer.  He really set the stage for the night to be full of laughs.  Then I took the stage and I have to say, that had to be one of my bet sets by far and at least two women are pregnant regardless if they felt it or not.  Tim Statum got up on stage and really showed why he is considered a headliner and had people laughing their butts off about the “Frosty bitch”.  You just had to be there.

The performer information was listed as:

Tim Statum – Entertaining audiences wherever he goes, Tim is a Birmingham native who will keep you in stitches with his southern style humor and storytelling. Tim incorporates real-life stories of growing up in the country with classic standup comedy to provide a hilarious evening for all ages. — http://www.TimStatum.com

Michael "Doc" Davis – Host of Doc's Group Therapy, member of WTF Comedy, an Actor in several films, and has been heard on radio all over. Doc prides himself on his originality, weirdness, and craziness. Sometimes fast and sometimes slow, he likes to be unpredictable to say the least about different stuff happening in his life and around him. — http://www.ComedianDoc.com

Tommy Kelley – A crazy country twang comedian born in the rural parts of Arkansas that really knows how to country fry just about anything into a perspective that anyone will love. He’s the kind of country that mothers warn their daughters about and they NEVER listen. — http://www.ComedianTommyKelley.com

I wanted to say thank you to all of those that came to the show and a SPECIAL THANKS to Grant Morris for videoing the show.  The show will be available for purchase on DVD soon.

Another big thanks to the Loony Bin Comedy Club that’s located at 10301 North Rodney Parham, Little Rock, AR 72227 and their website is http://www.LoonyBinComedy.com.

See you at the next big show my friends!

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