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What a great night of competition at the Little Rock Loony Bin Comedy Club (!  5 comedians hit the stage and 2 moved on to the finals on July 24th.   Congratulations to winners, Mark Johnson and John Michael Cronin!  The winners are selected by the point scoring by the crowd.  Round 2 will be on July 10th where 5 more comedians will hit the stage and going head to head.  There was a good turn out to see the funny fireworks from the stage the night just before the 4th of July fireworks.  There were several times I laughed hard at some of the stuff these guys came up with.  If you missed it, then you missed something special.  I enjoyed being the show host for this event and being on the stage with other talent.  Support for local comedy is critical and you just might see the next big comedian starting right here at the Loony Bin Comedy Club right here in Little Rock, Arkansas!

After the competition was over, Michael Brown, Ray-De Oh, and I (Michael Doc Davis) took the stage for the local favorites show.  I jumped up there with a mix of new, improv, and some stories that I probably should keep in my head.  It was awesome hearing the consistent laughing, clapping, some snorts, and a few funnies even from the crowd.  You can also check out my comedy podcast at  Next up was Ra-De Oh ( as he showed off his talent and experience from years of work making people laugh at his crazy antics and stories.  I’ve always loved hearing Ray’s spin on stuff and how he acts some of it out.  He is a funny funny dude!  Lastly and most awesomely, Michael Brown ( took the stage.  He really personalized the show and showed everyone why he is a nationally touring comedian that is building a strong following.  I believe he could be seen someday on Comedy Central, HBO, and / or more!  You have got to hear Michael and all of his stories, observations, impressions, and other funny stuff!

I look forward to seeing you all at round 2 of the open mic competition at the Loony Bin Comedy Club!


Thank you EVERYONE from your buddy…


Michael “Doc” Davis (Actor, Comedian, Entertainer, Event Host / MC)





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