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Saturday May 18th was Doc’s Group Therapy Comedy Broadcast / Podcast (Pork’n on the Run) broadcast live (http://www.MixLR.com/docs-group-therapy) and recorded at Whole Hog Café (www.WholeHogCafeNLR.com), North Little Rock.  We talked local gossip, stuff about runners you probably didn’t know and would say ewww and WOW at the same time.  We also talked about Little Rock stuff going on, other comedy stuff, food prep bathroom style, and a pile more.  There were laughs all the way through the show.  This was a longer than normal podcast but definitely full of fun and funny.   This could not have been a more perfect venue for Pork’n on the Run.  Great food, drink selection, atmosphere, location, staff, and GREAT fun!  If you haven’t been, you need to and tell them Doc prescribed you some BBQ.

The panel included host Michael ‘Doc’ Davis, his awesome geeky co-host Grant Morris, bored-board man Luke Rowlan, Gina Marchese Pharis from the Little Rock Marathon (www.LittleRockMarathon.com) and Mud Run (www.MudRun.org) for Little Rock Parks and Recreation (www.LittleRock.org/ParksRecreation), Michael Brown (http://ComedianMichaelBrown.weebly.com/ an AWESOME local but nationally touring comedian along with his lady Ali Taylor, the staff of Whole Hog Café, especially Mike.  Even the Pit Master, Mr. Butler got in on the fun and on the mic.  Our photographer is the one and only Nurse Jill Rowlan and she also had a few things so share.  A special thanks to Grant’s girl Lauren Faehl for helping with everything.  A very special thanks to Nancy Green, the owner of Whole Hog Café in North Little Rock.  We also wanted to send a shout out to Geneva Hampton who is also with the City of Little Rock for Little Rock Marathon and Mud Run and with us in thoughts.  RUNNERS ROCK!

The Podcast release is May 21st on www.DocsGroupTherapy.com, LIVE on MixLR.com, iTunes, www.ComedianDoc.com, www.SoundCloud.com, YouTube, Facebook, and more…

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