Freedom of speech and Comedian Michael Doc Davis?  Yep, a great combo because Doc generally doesn’t hold back.  Shelli Russell, owner of, put on the event to raise money for a legal battle to protect the 1st amendment right of some users on  The users posted thoughts, statements, and opinions that local some local officials didn’t quite like.  The local officials turned around and is wanting to sue those users and wanted Shelli to turnover information about the users that posted the information.  What did Shelli do?  Well, she for the most part replied, HELL NO!  Thus, the ‘Freedom of Speech Rally’ was born.

The event was on June 1st at Denton’s Trotline / Back porch ParTay spot in Benton, Arkansas.  Radio station KARN’s Dave Elswick  spread the word, Tommy and Robert  Denton hosted the event at Denton Trotline, Michael Shipp and Clover Blue entertained with awesome Music, and my crazy butt, Michael Doc Davis, was the MC and Comedian for the evening. 

I had a BLAST on stage doing my thing talking about stupid, crazy, weird stuff always happening in my life and did it with knowledge that I could do so under the 1st amendment right.  Musician Michael Shipp took the stage playing solo and his songs were freak’n kick awesome.  Michael Shipp is an incredible artist to say the least.  To close out the night, CloverBlue cranked up the jams with their unique style that can get anyone up and dancing.  If you dance the way I do, tapping the floor with your foot is probably best.

Denton’s Trotline / Back porch is an awesome venue.  Every time I go there, it reminded me of a beach style party place with some VERY impressive food that EVERYONE should try.  The hospitality was just as impressive as the establishment.  The DJ and Lighting folks were AWESOME as well and made it seem like we had rehearsed everything before.  I love EVERY minute and EVERY time that I get to visit Denton’s.

A very special thanks goes out to all of the people that came out to the event.  Big love and hugs to all of my friends and supporters along with those that support fighting for our freedoms.

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Stand up for your right my friends… people have died and continue to do so to protect them.

Until next time my friends…

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