We completed 7 shows in 4 days at the Loony Bin Comedy club – www.LoonyBinComedy.com in Little Rock, Arkansas starting on 03/28 to 03/21.  We had incredible crowds and even a show that there just wasn’t any more room.   Wednesday night shows always include an open mic portion that had both seasoned and starting out comedians.  One even included my friend Chucky D which is part of WTF Comedy – www.WTFComedy.com  with me.   Tommy Kelley was also in the audience showing support that is also part of WTF Comedy.

The lineup for the regular shows included myself, Michael “Doc” Davis – www.ComedianDoc.com,  Torian Hughes – www.TorianHughes.com that replaced Kid Dave Miller, and the headline act Rob Little – www.RobLittle.com.   I have to say that it was a privilege to work with these two guys and I was quite entertained to say the least. 

It was time for the shows and I sang a ‘special song’ for the sad people and talked about Arkansas based related comedy, dating, and that STUPID lottery that I didn’t win.  Of course I was prescribing the lobotomy drink to everyone.  I was a little beside myself to hear some folks repeat some and singing my song on the way out.  HOW AWESOME IS THAT!  I wouldn’t say that it’s a nursery rhyme, but I’m sure it’s comforting to many.  Torian and Rob both talked about family, travel, and a pile more.  Rob amazed me at so many levels from a comedy level, a PR perspective with his fans, his genuine and positive personality, and his willingness to help other comedians.  Rob had me laughing so hard that I actually had sore jaw muscles and stomach muscles by the end of the week.  The crowd was so drawn in by his humor that some stayed for a second show, and also gave him standing ovations.  If you get to see / watch Rob, you will easily say he is one of the best comedians that you have ever seen, especially with his song that he sings.  If you would like to see a 10 minute spot of my craziness, please go to my website and request a link – www.ComedianDoc.com.

There were many of my fans, friends, and accomplices that showed up for the shows and I appreciate all of you.  A special thanks to Grant Morris (WTF Comedy and Doc’s Group Therapy Member) for video, Jill Farris (Photos), Luke Rowlan (WTF Comedy and Doc’s Group Therapy Member), Alaina Lee, Drew Mitchell from the Point 94.1, Sharpe and Mike from the Morning Show on the Point 94.1 for promoting the show, Becky Sheets, the Nathern and Cheryl Angel (Cigar Buddies), Scott and Audrey Meadows, Gene and Stacie Posiks along with PaPa Posik, Carla Stephens for the very kind words, and many others.  I love you all for being there and the support.

I always enjoy performing as an Arkansas comedian, actor, host / emcee, among other roles.  The Loony Bin stage is one of my favorite stages and they are a sponsor of my Podcast called Doc’s Group Therapy – www.DocsGroupTherapy.com

If you haven’t seen live local comedy, haven’t been in a while, wonder what it’s like, then you have to try one of the Loony Bin Comedy Clubs in Oklahoma, Kansas, and / or Arkansas.  Looks like another show is in the making and it will be another WTF Comedy Show in May 2012 and also Doc’s Group Therapy at Maduro – www.MaduroLounge.com in Little Rock, Arkansas also in May.  We have been requested in Dardanelle, Arkansas to perform another WTF Comedy show at the Front Street Grill – www.FSGrill.com  … more details on that to come.

So to sum this all up, check out the websites above in this article, definitely see Rob Little in Action, and for God sake, come find me at one of my shows and stuff!

Until next time, keep laughing my friends!

Michael “Doc” Davis – www.ComedianDoc.com | www.FaceBook.com/MichaelDocDavis

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