This was a beautiful day at Dickey Stephens Park in North Little Rock, Arkansas for Chili with a Kick –  The sky was clear and the air was brisk but thick with the smells of all types of chili cooking and the sounds of balls being kicked.  Grant Morris, Luke Rowlan, and myself / Michael ‘Doc Davis – www.ComedianDoc.comhad our own table called ‘The Mad Doctor and the Lab Rats.’.   My special concoction of chili is called Jacked up chili, mainly because of the several ounces of Jack Daniels that I put in it.  There are several other special ingredients from my laboratory that I won’t disclose.  I did carry two hot sauce syringes for those feeling a little depressed.  Everyone seemed to love the idea and some even came back for another treatment.  Also on the table was the doctors bag, a lab set, microscope and Barbie that was about to be experimented on.   Once all of the Chili was gone, the ill fated Barbie began her path down Doc’s Group Therapy –…   By the end of it, she had burned hair, was dunked in a chemical bath, cut up with a hack saw, burned a lil’ more, stuffed in a latex glove, electrocuted, and finally taped to the table.  The funniest part about this was all of the onlookers with many of them saying, ‘I so wanted to do that when I was a kid.’, ‘Can I help?’, ‘I hated my sister’s Barbie’, and several other statements.  Several kids walked by, some laughing and some were in shock.  One girl with a high pitched voice and looking down at the disfigured Barbie said, ‘WHAT DID YOU DO TO BARBIE?!?’.  Someone from somewhere replied, ‘I think she deserved it!’.  That wasn’t me, but we all did laugh for a while.

We may not have won the contest, but there were several folks that said that the Jacked up chili was by far the best and that is all I needed to hear.  We ate some AWESOME chili from several other booths including our friend’s chili from the other tables like Jett, Tony, and crew with ZTrackers – www.ZTrackers.usand Josh with Pizza D’s.  I’m glad I wasn’t a judge, because that would have been a very difficult job.  Jason the Psycho Trucker and his lady Amy, Luke’s lady Jill, along with Chucky D and Joe Pepsi arriving on the scene later, were there to support us.  Kari Husky arrived from Revel Magazine – www.RevelatConway.comand she tried and loved the Jacked up Chili.  What’s not to love?!?  Several other friends and fans showed up and we deeply appreciate it and I SORRY for running out chili.  It went FAST!  We even had visitors from our friends from Channel 7 – www.KATV.comand The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette –

Well, we got so wrapped up in having fun cooking up the chili and meeting new people and catching up with old friends that we lost track of time.  We then realized it would be better if we changed up the Podcast of Doc’s Group Therapy to be more of a Recap of the Chili with a Kick event this time rather than an interview type like previous.  I LOVE WHAT WE DO!  We will complete the Podcast on 02/28/2012 at a different location.   The Podcast will still include music from The Year of the Tiger – www.TYOTT.comand CloverBlue – www.CloverBlue.comalong with Un-Doc-Umented News and Ask Doc.  Doc’s Group Therapy will now be brought to you by the Loony Bin Comedy Clubs, MCDLink –, and State of Comedy –   Thank you to our Chili Sponsor Bill Asti with Asti Architect –  As always the event included mini-events on top of the AWESOME kickball tournament.  There was a flip cup competition, a jalapeño eating contest, and some other side games.  There was even stuff for the kiddos other than just eating, including a bouncy house, bean bag tosses, and other crazy stuff to do.  If that wasn’t enough, there were vendor booths, a beer garden and more. 

Chili with a Kick is a Big Red Ball Charitable Foundation – www.LRKickBall.comevent benefiting Youth Home –– of Arkansas.  You can find out about all of the bands, the kick ball tournament, the types of vendors and more by going to the Chili with a Kick website –  These people do amazing things for kids and throw some kick AWESOME events.  Thanks Erin Jester for making it easy for us to be part of such great and fun events. 

Note to self:  Never eat too much chili knowing that you have a very elegant and close quarter’s event wearing a tuxedo planned for the next night. 

Thanks for reading or skimming,

I’ll see you all at the next event my friends and thank you all for the INCREDIBLE support!


Michael "Doc" Davis (Actor, Comedian, Entertainer, Event Host / MC)

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