The kick awesome Sync Weekly Magazine ( added me to the Stuff You Love series back in January 2012… This is what I sent them. I was bit wordy so they had to summarize a bit, but here is the full list… 🙂 I'm posting this in case ya didn't get a chance to read it.


Michael Doc Davis or Doc is an Arkansas entertainer, comedian, actor, and promoter that has lived in Arkansas for most of his life. Doc has performed comedy all over Arkansas and surrounding states and can be found at the Loony Bin supporting local comedy. Doc has been in Independent films including the lead role in the feature film ‘Tuckerman’, a main character in the feature film ‘Anyone’, and several short films as well. He’s been heard on The Point 94.1 and He prides himself on using his talents to help many local charities and other arts.


Things I love

  • Orange Sherbet: This has got to be the best Ice Cream ever and especially if you have it in a fresh waffle cone. It’s a little something that takes me back to my childhood and great memories. I do tend to eat it quick and the brain freeze ROCKS!
  • Wine: Somehow I got into wines and I have tried many different ones from all over the world. I am a bit jealous of the wines since some of them have been to places I have only planned to visit, but I won’t whine too much about that.
  • Laughter: Laughter is an incredible sound that causes a bigger high than any drug… from what I’ve been told. Laughter is the best medicine and great therapy for the soul of the one laughing and the one causing the laughter. This is true unless it during some sort of intimate moment but I’m over that. I’m even cranking up a new show called Doc’s Group Therapy (
  • Helping Charities: Although some may say I’m a charity case, I do LOVE helping Arkansas charities. Sometimes it’s a bit hard to mix comedy and serious stuff like charities; it does seem to work well. The charities I enjoy the most are those that help children and we have a lot that need our help.
  • Road Trips to Nowhere: In order to feed my free spirit, I tend to love to drive with no specific location or predetermined route planned out. It’s a great way to clear the mind, get a pile of new observational comedy, and meet lots of new people. However, I always seem to end up by the ocean, in a hammock, and with a nice drink. Nothing like the ocean, but the water makes it difficult to sit still, especially if too many drinks were involved — insert special dance –.
  • Scuba Diving & Snorkeling: I do love Scuba but I think I should likely lose a little weight before dive time in 2012. It’s not a good thing if you look like messed up Play-Doh in a sack. I’m not saying that’s what I look like, but you won’t find many photos of me in a wet suit. I’m just say’n
  • Photography: I love the fact that with photography it captures a moment in time for remembering great times, funny times, and wondering how a photo could be used to embarrass someone. I’m not saying I would do that, but I do take a LOT of photos — insert evil laugh –. Believe it or not, several of my photos have actually earned money and no it wasn’t blackmail.


I hope you enjoyed it…. Doc

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