It was a GREAT time once again.  I was the MC for the Chili with a Kick ( event for over 10 hours and didn’t regret a moment.  This was at the Dickey-Stephens Park in North Little Rock, Arkansas.  To be able to help out the kids of Youth Home ( in Arkansas is always a HUGE honor for me.  Chili with a Kick is a Big Red Ball Charitable Foundation ( event.  The next event is Eggshibition XX (

You can see a pile of photos taken by COOL people from my Facebook page at

The kiddo’s running around, people laughing and carrying on, Doc twisted chili contestant interviews with my buddy Grant Morris on his camera, crazy kickball including a homerun and so much more made the morning, afternoon, and evening a BLAST!

This year’s Chili With a Kick included a Chili Cook off, Several AWESOME Bands, Silent Auction, lots of food and drinks, a Jalapeño Eating Contest, Flip Cup Competitions, Beer Pong, a Bouncy Thing, and of course KICKBALL. 

The Jalapeño Eating Contest was CRAZY to say the least and there were many that went the distance and even a tie breaker eat-off had to be done.  However, I bet the heat continued on once they say on the thrown of regret.  HAHAHA!!!

I didn’t know that there was serious technique to beer pong, but the beer pong guys had some SERIOUS advice for me on exactly how to dunk their balls in a cup of beer.  We caught it on video just so ya know…. Mwaaa haaaa haaaa.

I had a BLAST hanging out with the film students (Taylor, Carly, Jeff and Joshua) from Southern Arkansas University Tech (… they know how to have fun and be VERY professional too.

The bands included Grayson Shelton, Crash Meadows, GFunk Featuring Jess Hoggard and Charles Wood, Suburban Legend, Wes and Carl, and DNR.  They all rocked it out all day and night.  Nearly all of these bands are available on FaceBook –

The Silent Auction included painted beer steins, coffee mugs, and a plaque that were painted by volunteers and fired at The Painted Pig (  A formal Oscar’s watch party night was up for auction as well.

A BIG Surprise also happened with a donation was my in the amount of $900 by Alton Pouncy.  That is one AWESOME dude!

A big thanks to the coordinators (Erin Jester and Larry Betz) of Chili with a Kick for including me in the event as their all day MC.

There were many other companies, organizations, and people involved in making the event a success like Nick Barsotti, Central Dreamscapes (501-554-4454), Southwest Power Pool (, Al Watkins, Argenta Arts Council (, The Painted Pig (, The Point 94.1 (, Grant Morris the filming dude, Julie Davis, Heather Harris, Tyson Thomas, Wes Cox, Shane Walker, Rebekkah Smith, Jason Andrews, Angela Dickenson, Al Watkins, the kick ball players, flip cup contestants, beer pong contestants, chili fix’n contestants, and all that came to show their support.

It was a great event and big fun all around.  I look forward to helping out in some way again next year.


Michael "Doc" Davis (Actor, Comedian, Entertainer, Event Host / MC)





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