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A HUGE thanks goes out to EVERYONE that came out to Love Fest to have fun, find gifts for Valentines, getting your laughs on and ROCKING OUT!  Without all of you supporting local comedy, music and entertainment it wouldn’t exist.  A big Happy 25th birthday goes out Brad the rooster, he knows who he is.

Wade Ledbetter aka The Jester (Jester’s Entertainment – http://www.jestersent.com) did a great job putting this event together.  There was a diverse collection of vendor booth’s to shop from like: Body Design Boutique, Passion Parties by Dori, M&T Imports, Jester’s Entertainment, McCuin, Jewelry by Michelle, Amerinails Nail Salon, Arkansas Custom Jewelry, Graffiti Graphics, Oxygen Bar, Pampered Chef and other booths.  The event was at the Metroplex in Little Rock, Arkansas off of I430.

The Thunderheads were there taking care of security and in their booth they had raffles for prizes and money.  They were also promoting the upcoming event, Freedom Fest 2010 that will benefit the American Cancer Society on June 5th.  Arkansas’ Freedom Fest 2009 was an awesome event last and I had a blast doing some comedy and then busted out the Doc Cam.  The event made for some pretty impressive video.  This year is going to be CRAZY fun.  More details will be available at www.freedomfestarkansas.com.   By the way guys, thanks for not killing me, I got mad love for you all and all you do…

I had a great time from both on and off stage making folks laugh and smile and even turn a bit red, doing some comedy and from my crazy antics.  I really believe that life is so much better with laughter; it really is the best medicine along with Captain Morgan or Jack Daniels.  I didn’t realize that some folks were so scared of things with batteries.  LMAO!  You can find more of my craziness on my websites http://www.comediandoc.com, http://www.undocumentednews.com and the newest site WTF Comedy at http://www.wtfcomedy.com.  For those that were asking.  Yes I am selling the Red Neck Intimacy Kit from my Doc bag so let me know if you’re interested… hahaha.  To the guys and gals that emailed me for Doctology applications, that was funny as hell.  Thank you also for all of the compliments too, they are always nice to hear and get’s me pumped up for the next event.  You can also hear my Un-DOC-Umented News on The Point 94.1 every Friday during the afternoon show with Mike Kennedy and Sharpe Dunaway between 5-6PM. 

It was so cool to see other comedians in the crowd as well like Grant Morris, Reuben the Meatman and Kendel Renee.  You can find these comedians and nearly all of the other Arkansas comedians on State of Comedy at http://www.stateofcomedy.com.

Ty Sims (from Bombay Black – http://www.bombayblackmusic.com), Cowboy (Eden Crow) and Mrs. Cowboy were incredible with the sound as always.  Any event with these kick ass rockers working sound. lights or on stage jamming, will be an INCREDIBLE musical and lighting event.

Those Renegades of Rock, EDEN CROW kicked off the night’s music with some awesome energy.  They got the crowd stirred up moving and grooving with their hands in the air and heads rocking.  These guys are ALWAYS ON!!!  If you want to know more about them or where they are next just go to http://www.edencrowband.com.  Next up was the headliner band and BEST 80’s band that you will EVER hear ANYWHERE!  That’s right… The boys that make the noise…. THE MEANIES took the stage.  I watched people stop in their steps and were in complete awe from the pure, deep, powerful ROCK & ROLL pouring from the stage.  The Meanies always brings the heat.  You can find more about The Meanies on their website http://www.meanpeoplerule.com.

We gave away ALL KINDS of prizes from the booths and other vendors.  I’ll just say this; there were some people that were very happy to get out of having to buy Valentines gifts.

Then the night’s festivities ended when I had the pleasure to auction off local celebrities with each winner getting a dinner for two or one and a group.  The first to be auctioned off was an entire band, one of Arkansas’ greats, McCuin – http://www.mccuinband.com, ok it was the two guys that were still standing and kind of sober.  The winner was giddy with joy (I couldn’t think of another word for the winner’s reaction).  Then to the shock and excitement of several people, we auctioned Mr. 5.5, Pro Wrestler and Actor, Matt Riviera with a net worth of 5.5 million dollars (http://www.mattriviera.com).  The winning lady was EXTREMELY HAPPY…  I mean EXTREMELY and she looked a little warm, hmmmmm.  Next up is the newest Jester’s Girl, Miss Tiffany, she said she was actually offered a spot in Playboy and turned it down.  She was also the winner of the 2009 Vampire Ball sexiest costume contest by Jester’s Entertainment.  She will be seen on Speed Vision coming soon as the Trophy Girl at I30 Speedway along with other publications.

I had a GREAT TIME!!!

See you all next year at an even BIGGER Love Fest… watch for details when we get closer to next year’s Valentines at http://www.jestersent.com.

Thanks everyone,

Michael "Doc" Davis — Website: http://www.comediandoc.com


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