What a great place to Debut Doc’s Group Therapy (www.DocsGroupTherapy.com) than at The Loony Bin comedy club (www.LoonybinComedyClub.com) in Little Rock, Arkansas.  This was a LIVE Podcast recorded show with a studio audience.  It was an incredible success and a blast to have.  More about this event will be in Revel Magazine (www.RevelAtConway.com).   

We discussed piles of stuff and proved that Laughter is the BEST group therapy.  You can listen to the Podcast on the Doc’s Group Therapy website (http://www.DocsGroupTherapy.com) or iTunes (http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/docs-group-therapy/id491388851).

Music was by McCuin (www.McCuinBand.com), Eden Crow (www.EdenCrowBand.com), and Loony Bin's own Tony Moore.

I do want to say thank you SO MUCH to all of my friends and the Loony Bin staff: Denise, Stacie, Gene, Jason, Carol, Kristen, Judy, Angel, Heather, Ben, Tommy, Chucky D, Mandy, Tony, Jim, and Steve, for coming to the show and for all of the incredible support.  A VERY special thanks to Jeff Jones for hosting us at the Loony Bin.  Grant Morris and Luke Rowlan rocked as my core team.  A big thank you to Heather and Tommy for shooting some GREAT photos.  You can look for this and other stuff in my column called Doc’s Spot in Revel Magazine in one of the next editions.  I’ll add the information to the blog after Revel hit’s the shelves and on the net.

See you at the next event in February.

Michael ‘Doc’ Davis (www.ComedianDoc.com)

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