How fun was this!!! The Point 94.1 team was there in numbers to support Arkansas’ Local Talent, truly showing The Point’s desire to be there for our entertainment communities. Sharpe Dunaway hosted while Jennifer Trafford was one of the Judges and Chuck the Promo Guy taking care of the score totals.

 About three guitar players into the show, some dude got on stage and interrupted it to let everyone know that Beyonce’ music video was the best of all time… OK, fine it was me… hehehe. As folks boo’d and laughed me off the stage, I made my exit and the show continued. I really did have a GREAT time and I appreciate all the great people that were there. The results will be posted of the contest on The Point 94.1’s website at I will likely be back at West End for the finals next week on September 25th rocking it out again.
After the contest was over, Jason Greenlaw and his band The Groove took the stage and ROCKED the rest of the night out. If you EVER EVER get the chance to hear Jason and his crew do their thing… you REALLY need too. We were all moving, jamming and singing along (ok, I wasn’t singling along very well)! 
West End Smokehouse bar and grill is always a great place to have fun, food and drinks so don’t miss out. 
I hope to see ya there next time,
PS. Happy Birthday Blue!!!!
Michael "Doc" Davis (Comedian, Entertainer, Event Host / MC)
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