Monti has got to be one of the coolest Venue owners I have ever met.  He has Front Street Grill ( setup perfectly for any type of event.  Comedy and Bands have always worked well there and the drinks and food are incredible!  All of the people that came out were simply a BLAST for the Halloween bash.  I enjoyed seeing my friends and meeting new folks as well.

The Halloween night started and ended most AWESOME!  The stage and venue was a freaky, funky Halloween setup just right for the night.  The night consisted of some comedy style hosting (, serious rock with The Meanies ( making it a true Meanie Halloweenie, a costume contest with cash and other prizes.  We also had a special raffle via Clay Hooten for the infamous Jessie James car, built to outrun police cars on television that was outside Front Street.  To top it off, Dr. Shot (Monti) gave out healthy doses / shots of fun!  Very Cool!!!

I opened the night with my usual joking around comedy style and prepped everyone for the evening’s activities.  I was dressed as a Knight called Sir Doc-A lot that says ‘Na’ instead of ‘Ni’ of the Round’ish table carrying a big ol’ broad sword… wink wink.  I was joined by my Pirate Wench, Bekkah…  Wowzer!!!
I brought up the band and they ROCKED the stage the way they always do.  Charlie Brown (Sharpe Dunaway) was slamming on the drums, Hair Club for Men (Darrell Yates) cranking his axe, Pimp Daddy (Danny Milsaps) showing off his wide range of vocals, Inmate With a Butt Cramp (Matt Hays) rocking with his bass, and the Washed Up Rocker aka Stolen Website Victim (Alan Cost) on keys and Rhythm guitar doing his thing!!!  AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!  They rocked the dead to life and living to a new level!!!

Next I brought up the costume contestants, first the ladies and wow!!!  As always, I infused a bit of comedy as we moved along through the contest.  The ladies ranged from a Nun to a hot Mad Hatter (The Winner for the Ladies).  The guys ranged from a dead dude to Robin (The Winner of the Men) less Batman.  The winners got cash money and Monti showed his class by also giving love to both 2nd and 3rd place winners.

The Meanies took the stage to finish the night and took it to another level.  There ended up being another little contest before it was all said and done.  Monti and Danny did a shot competition and it was quite staggeringly entertaining.  I am betting there were some headaches the next morning… LOL!!!

The night was a GREAT one and won’t be forgotten!

See you all at the next show and always remember.  Life is always better with a laughs and a lot of ROCK!!!

Michael "Doc" Davis (Actor, Comedian, Entertainer, Event Host / MC)

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