Up to Conway we go while the Arkansas Razorbacks were playing and the crowd still showed up in numbers. It looked like a family reunion in the front row of the venue… I found out that it kind of was for Jim Pate. The owners and wait staff took very good care of everyone and the food is ALWAYS great at this place.


The lineup for this night was myself (Michael Doc Davis or Doc the Comedian), Jim Pate (With Family) as Feature and Eric Counts as the Headliner. It was so awesome to see friends in the audience laughing the entire show through. We even had other comedians in the audience; Jason Thompson, Patrick Beam and Chucky D. Some of the film crew and my co-stars of the movie Tuckerman were there as well. Even Sharpe Freakn’ Dunaway (One of my Best Bud’s) from The Point 94.1 was there…


I took the stage and riled up the crowd with a bit of fire under me and callbacks from a previous shows at the Supper Club. I threw out double-entendre jokes, a bit of shock humor, stab’s at some of the oxymoronic stuff we all see around here and more. It was awesome seeing the crowd have such a good time. I then introduced Conway’s own Jim Pate as the Feature (2008 Maryland Comedian of the Year). Jim unloaded a flurry of jokes, jabs, pokes and perfect pauses so some of us could catch up… The crowd and family LOVED his style almost as much I did. You should really go out and see him do his comedy. Next up was Eric Counts and he wasted no jumping right in and gave none of anytime to rest from the laughter that ensued. He talked about family, friends, some of us and stuff that caught me completely off guard and I think made me fart a little. LMAO.


Some of the comments we received were, "that was an incredible show", "Jim’s Ninja Foot… OMG", "Doc, The Eyebrow thing… dude I’ll never look down again", “Eric needs to let people breath from laughing or he will kill someone”, "Doc, The gas station joke you did was a perfect ending, several of those are near where I live", "Jim Pate better do more shows here, he was awesome", "Eric is so damn cute", “Doc, that was the best I seen you ever perform along with the rest of the show” and many more! I didn’t have time to take pictures, so if you have any then please send them. THANKS TO CONWAY SUPPER CLUB!!! LOVE YA’


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Conway Supper Club
408 Highway 65 N
Conway, AR 72032
(501) 336-8484

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