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Want to know what other people think about Michael “Doc” Davis or Doc the Comedian?  Well here you go… 

Event | Jonathan Winters “Certifiably Jonathan”: “I can’t thank you enough for being our Master of Ceremony at the Clinton Library for the Arkansas premier of the Docu-Comedy Certifiably Jonathan. The film-makers from California were excited to be invited on behalf of the Clinton School of Public Service to benefit both Arkansas’ Youth Home and the Hot Springs Documentary Film Institute, and were pleased with the final video production of the evening and the video thank-you to Mr. Winters; both of which would not have been as successful without your involvement.

Your presence not only helped to make the evening a wonderful success, but it also helped to increase our State’s stature with the documentary film-makers; whom we were trying to woo back to Arkansas for production of some of their up-coming projects.

As the producer of the event and the videos, I can only say how pleased I was with your professionalism and focus in accomplishing the tasks which I had set out for you.  With my deepest gratitude” — William H. Asti | Event Coordinator / Producer

Event | Golden Globes Award Watch Party: “Doc turned our function into an event – as the host for our Academy Awards party, he was the best! From the red carpet interviews to hosting the evening, he was charming, funny, able to read the crowd, and always stayed on message. He made it easy for us, and great for the crowd. We loved having him and look forward to working with him again!” — Joe Dull | Event Coordinator / Director for Sympathy Pains

Event | Revel Magazine Rooftop Party: “As our emcee, Doc took the REVEL Rockin’ Rooftop Show to a much higher level for us!  With his charm and  quick wit, he was able to create an electric  atmosphere that transported contagious laughter and the crowd to its feet ready to party!” — Kari Huskey | Owner of Revel Magazine

Charities | American Cancer Society: “Michael “Doc” Davis was a superb emcee and entertainer for the 2012 Relay For Life of Little Rock.  His flexibility, wit and ability to perform on the spot is a perfect combination for any event.  Doc exemplified a great compassion for others and strong work ethic. He went above and beyond by emceeing our entertainment and activities for a full six hours working with a wide range of acts and audiences. We are truly grateful for his service and would strongly recommend him for any event as both an emcee and entertainer. ”  — Amy Pearson | Event Chair / Relay For Life of Little Rock for American Cancer Society

Film | The Conversation: “Michael Doc Davis is a wonderful actor to work with.  He works hard to give you the performance that you want.  He takes direction well.  Doc was so much fun to have on set.  When he came around, people had fun.

Micheal understands what it means to work and if you need a fun-loving, easygoing but yet hardworking actor, he is your man.  I have nothing but good things to say about Doc.  He played a very good jerk in my short film The Conversation, but this was not type casting.”

Thank you Michael “Doc” Davis for all of the hard work.” Leon Tidwell | Director of The Conversation

Radio | Big Rock 93.3: “Doc is a great radio interview.  He can actually have fun with current topics instead of having to stick to a set list and knows how to tailor his content to the audience he’s in front of.  And he would never end a sentence with a preposition like I just did.” — Kevin Clay | Big Rock 93.3

Film | Anyone & Rent Party: “Doc is dedicated to his work and someone with whom I enjoy to be on set.  He is talented both in front of the camera, as well as behind it.  His positive attitude and relaxed nature are trademark qualities that are to be emulated.  Doc strives to create a quality product, but never loses his personal touch.  He possesses an ability to maintain respectful friendships while not losing focus of a production’s goals.  I looking forward to our next project together!” — Scott McEntire | Production Manager for the Feature Film ‘Anyone‘ and comedy short ‘Rent Party‘.

Film | Tuckerman: “I first met Doc Davis when he opened for the rock band Wishtribe.  A funny comedian, so when he arrived to audition for the role of a less-than-funny lead actor in our movie Tuckerman, I didn’t know what to expect.

From the very beginning, Doc took the character and made it his own.  He must have some darkness dwelling somewhere behind the “comedian” persona, because he was able to step into the role with ease.  He was professional during the entire production and went above and beyond whenever asked.  He was eager to learn and asked questions to better understand what I, as the director, was looking for.

I look forward to the next time I get a chance to work with him.” — Jimmy Westmoreland | Director of Feature Film ‘Tuckerman‘.

Charities | Eggshibition: “I wanted to send you a note of personal thanks for co-hosting the Youth Home Eggshibition event that Erin Jester and I had chaired on behalf of the Youth Home Board of Directors. You did such a beautiful job, and I must add you looked great in your tuxedo.

Having been involved with the Eggshibition event since its inception – over the past 20 plus years – I can tell you that you were one of the best, if not the best Master of Ceremony that has graced the stage. I believe you helped to manage the various personalities who were on stage with you brilliantly. And you kept the event on track and on time with great class and with your abiding positive personality.

I will forever be indebted to you for all of your patience and help throughout the year-long process leading up to the event. You are a real pro.  With my warmest thanks.” — William H. Asti | Event Chair / Eggshibition

News / Press | Arkansas Free Press: “I am very impressed Michael “Doc” Davis.  Doc is helping pave the way for comedy to be brought into the mainstream. If there is one thing we need right now in this time of war and declining economy its laughter….. I am happy to see him stepping up to the plate and providing another option for people to ease their way into observing and enjoying comedy at various venues. Not just venues in Little Rock but around the state!! Hats off to Doc!

Doc has the 5 Dollar Comedy Show featuring local comedians Chucky D, Tommy Kelly, Patrick the Angry Viewer, himself and more… I highly recommend that you check this show out! It’s worth the money and the time!! This guy is a Superstar of the comedy scene here locally! He is going above and beyond to provide a platform for local and regional comedians to grow and for us to have home town heroes!! Hopefully the Looney Bin appreciates his efforts and will partner with him in the near future if they are smart because he will be a force to be reckoned with in the very near future.” — Stacy Mack / Arkansas Free Press

News / Press |  Sync Magazine: “Michael brings the saying “Laughter is the best medicine” to life. This is one doc who can truly fill your prescription. NO “take two and call me in the morning” with this guy…he’ll have you laughing TIL morning! — Lauren Clark / Sync Magazine

Radio | The Point 94.1: “Even when I’ve heard the joke Doc’s tellin’ before, he has a way of keeping it funny and interesting!” — Sharpe Dunaway / The Point 94.1

Charities | C.A.S.A. (Court Appointed Special Advocates):  “Michael uses his humor for a deeper purpose.  His sense of humor not only benefits his audience, it also benefits the children in our community.  Michael donates a portion of the proceeds from his shows, as well as him time and talent, to CASA, a program that serves abused and neglected children.  We appreciate him for all of the ways he serves our children!” — Tess Fletcher,  Volunteer Coordinator / C.A.S.A. 20th Judicial District

Band | McCuin: “It’s not to often you hear of up-coming stars around here..But this guy is the exception! He knows how to bring it. My first time to hear the “Doc” was at The Rev Room, You talk about side splitting comedy! Whether he is opening for an act or headlining a show, his stand up performance is unlike the ordinary. I have enjoyed working with you in the past, and I hope that you remember us little people when you make the big time..Looking forward to doing more shows with you again…THE “DOC” IS IN DA HOUSE!!” — PösX™, Bassist / McCUIN

Band | Wishtribe: “WishTribe has worked the Doc on several occasions. Anytime we need an MC or need to fill a non-music slot at our shows, he is the first person we call.

Doc is a very unique comedian to say the least. His ability to improvise and relate to whatever crowd he is in front of makes him not only one of the most versatile comedians around, but it makes him accessible to the people watching him perform

Never one to shy away from interacting with the audience, Doc will make you comfortable first, he will make you think second, and most importantly…he will make you laugh last, and it’s always good to have the last laugh.” — Kelly, Manager and Bassist / WishTribe

Produuction / Film | OmniMorgan, Inc: “Michael “Doc” Davis, the Doctor of Comedy and Entertainment. He’ll keep you in stitches with his humorous, thought-provoking, and occasional time-released Rx of a unique twist and take on life. Despite only being an intern in the world of comedy and entertainment, Michael has quickly become one of the most recognizable names in local markets as a veteran Ph.D. entertainer. Whether on stage, on air, in public, or on video and the web, Michael’s continual rise to fame forecasts that he will become one of the most recognizable names on the national scene as simply Doc.

Michael’s ability to become Everyman–or Everywoman for that matter…all things to all people–allows him to be versatile enough to entertain any crowd. Doc is comedy and entertainment’s Swiss Army Knife, the sharpness and versatility of his whit and the size of his heart have successfully been applied to a wide range of audiences: children, college, hunters, African-Americans, and even those of a different persuasion.

Michael’s humor is not only matched by his intelligence and knowledge of how things work but also of how they can and should work. Michael is one of the hardest working and dedicated entertainers around, and maybe should consider adopting the pseudonym Visa…because he’s not only everywhere– he’s everywhere you want to be. Michael’s one-, two-punch of thought-provoking, outside-the-box humor and risk-taking easily makes him a surefire, commercially-viable, and bankable endorsement guarantee. Michael is your Ace in the Hole, your Louisville Slugger, and your wrecking ball to penetrate products and services into new market demographics. Michael is definitely worth his weight in oil, ensuring a greater ROI than the initial compensation. Michael is so explosive and charmingly intoxicating that he should come with his own warning label: caution, highly combustible and spread like wildfire. Michael “Doc Davis”, the Napalm of Comedy & Entertainment.” — Rick Morgan, CEO / OmniMorgan, Inc.

Charities / Comedy | Branson Comedy Festival: “Doc has always been instrumental in the production of comedy shows supporting not-for-profit initiatives. His ability to assemble interest and investment is extrarodinary and his quick wit and joy of life make him fun to work with.” — Michael Brockett, Executive Producer / Branson Comedy Festival

Comedy | Headline Act: “When you tour with someone you have the unique opportunity to see them in nearly every aspect of life. Under pressure, when things go right, when things go wrong and more. In touring with Doc I have learned that he thrives in all of those conditions and still remains true to who he is. He is among the most professional people with whom I have ever had the privilege with which to work. I could not have found anyone better to be the host of our tour. He also happens to be one hell of a comedian. ” — Patrick Beam (The Angry, Angry Viewer)

Comedy | Headline Act: “Michael “Doc” Davis is one of the most refreshing, hardworking, and original comics out today.  His quick wit and audience interaction has made him a favorite at clubs all around Arkansas.  In the 2007 Branson Comedy Festival held in The American Café in Branson Missouri, and his performance lead to him being named one the “Comedy All-stars” of the show.  Doc can also adapt his comedy to fit any venue, whether it’s a mature show that he does for one of the adult clubs such as The Rev Room in Little Rock, or a clean family show that he performs for charitable organizations such as CASA, (Court Appointed Special Advocates) to raise money and awareness to help stop child abuse.  As a master of ceremony he can improve any corporate meeting or church function.  That is why it is my honor and privilege to know and work with this outstanding comic Michael “Doc” Davis.” — Chuck Lawrence (Comedian Chucky D)  P.S. He has a nice Ass too.