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It was another incredible week of 6 Shows from February 4th to the 7th at the Loony Bin Comedy Club ( / There is just something about the Loony Bin stage that gets me excited and I have a hard time leaving it. It’s like Doc Viagra and stuff! I always feel like I could stay up there forever making people laugh. I always try to have a better set than the last and everyone that visited with me after each show were asking when I’ll be back and if they could see a longer version set on stage. It’s a good thing I was wearing clothes. All of this great feedback has me pumped and ready to crank up more and more comedy appearances. If you got to see the show and loved it or missed it and want to see my crazy ADD strange perspective comedy, please feel free to book me ( or contact the Loony Bin Comedy Club ( Let them know you want to see me again in the extended version with clothes. Always feel free to contact me as well using my contact form on my website (

Each night I had a blast working with the headliner John Evans ( / and the feature Brad Tassell ( / These guys are freak’n hilarious and a must see if you get a chance. John has a way of making the most sensitive topics extremely funny and how he interacts with the crowd makes it fun for all (Duck Duck Goose). Brad seems to be an animated cartoon character that unloads high energy blasts of unexpected craziness that kept the crowd continually laughing. I was told that the three of us made for a perfect trio of laughs. Woot Woot! It was an honor! The Loony Bin staff always makes my visits and performances so fun. They are my second family. A huge thank you to all of the Loony Bin staff for everything including booking me for the week. I look forward to returning to their stage.

Thank you everyone for coming to the shows and showing all of the love. All of your support, great feedback, hugs and stories you shared related to my sets made my week and I’m still on cloud nine.

More WTF Comedy ( / and Doc’s Group Therapy ( / is coming soon.

I’ll see you at the next show and stuff.

Thank you everyone!

Michael Doc Davis (Actor, Comedian, Entertainer, Event Host / MC)