Michael “Doc” Davis aka “Doc the Comedian”
If you’re not laughing, you don’t have a pulse.

Doc has a high energy and animated comedy style all his own. He performs for nearly any crowd. He has performed all over in and around the state of Arkansas in a variety of roles at various shows and events. His comedic style is down home, witty, thought-provoking, and just plain funny. Enjoy the laughter as Doc shares his thoughts and stories from life’s events and random stuff in his head.

You can hear him performing his “Un-DOC-Umented News” feature on The Point 94.1 FM. He is an award winner who has placed among top comedians in contests such as: open mic contests at the Loony Bin Comedy Club and the Tennessee Comedian Round-Up. Doc won the title of “Branson Comedy Festival All-Star” and was 1st runner up in Big Doin’s Comedy contest. He is a core comedian of WTF Comedy and is also an actor that has starred in several feature length and short films from comedy to thrillers.

Don’t miss him on the Internet, a stage or big screen near you.