Un-DOC-Umented News to Yous – is HERE!!!!

Un-DOC-Umented News to Yous is HERE!!!  You can get to the articles currently by using http://www.undocumentednews.com. These are real stories from around the world and sometimes from right down the street with a little twist of Doc. You can now here it on The Point 94.1 and KKPT.COM on Fridays during your drive home between […]

Little Rock’s 48 Hour Film Festival Awards Night!!!!

Congratulations to the ALL of the teams of the Little Rock 48 Hour film festival.  Big congrats to Teams of the films Homing, Stepped On and Soma 2.0 (Friends – of mine were in em' or part of the crew, Rick Morgan and Will Koberg in Homing, Kelly Griffin in Stepped On and Wally Waller […]

The first Ham and Jam (Comedy and Music) benefit for BACA (Bikers Against Child Abuse) – SUCCESS!!!

WOW WOW WOW!!!! It’s me again… Michael “Doc” Davis (www.comediandoc.com) and I wanted to tell you what an honor it was to help coordinate, promote, host and be the opening comedian for the first Ham and Jam (Comedy and Music) event to benefit BACA(Bikers Against Child Abuse).  This was some serious fun and for a […]

The Doc and Rock connection at West End (M n M Show)

The show at West End was outstanding!!!  Blake Woodson and I opened the show with a little comedy boxing match.  Blake was a good sport and I have to admit Blake lends himself well to comedy or at least the punch lines… hehehe.   I’m just kidding Blake, sorry about the KO.  As always, Blake and […]

07/18/09 – A Docs Visit to the Conway Supper Club – Conway, Arkansas

I had the pleasure of performing with some of the Funniest People in Arkansas at the Conway Supper Club in you guessed it… Conway.   Being part of The Anger Mis-Management Comedy Tour is an incredible experience and I enjoy every part of it.  Performing with the guys on the tour is a blast and the […]