The night was a blast and Pine Bluff showed their love for local entertainment in force at the incredible location called Eden Park in Pine Bluff Arkansas ( We setup the place for one kick butt rock and roll comedy show. The Anger Mis-Management Comedy tour heated up the night quickly as I (Michael "Doc" Davis) took the stage starting off with the introduction of Eden Park's 2 new 'Doc-Aholic' drinks called the Angeritta and the Angry Punch. I did my comedy thing and had a blast and loved the interaction from the crowd… Thank you all for the great comments and feedback. It's because of you and your laughs are why we are able to do what we do. 


The talent consisted of Michael “Doc” Davis that you can hear on The Point 94.1 hanging out with Sharpe Dunaway and Mike Kennedy. Also, an Arkansas' Funniest Person All-Star, Jose De (a 70 year old Pine Bluff Native) that the crowd simply adored. Next up was one of the Top 3 Finalists of Arkansas' Funniest Person, Jason Thompson, he will be leaving to give comedy relief to our troops in Iraq and he showed his incredible talent to Eden Park and they surrendered their laughs. Chucky D (Another Pine Bluff native), The winner of Arkansas’ Funniest Person for 2009 came up to the stage and did his thing and some people even had to go outside for air and ‘smoke’ just to give their stomachs and smiling faces a break from laughing so hard. The headliner, Angry Patrick came up next and brought the closing one two punch of side splitting laughs to the crowd… WHAT A NIGHT!!!!


It was an honor to have Jeff Jones, the owner of the Loony Bin comedy clubs attend our show. It was great to have someone from such a big comedy club name come and support a local comedy getting our comedy on. 
Eden Park’s owners (Cari and Ron Cates) and were some of the warmest and welcoming people I have had the pleasure to work with. The venue was simply incredible. If you are in Pine Bluff and would like to enjoy Pine Bluffs largest swimming pool, tennis, some of the best food, drinks, entertainment and AWESOME atmosphere then just go to Eden Park at 4100 S Elm St, Pine Bluff, Arkansas 71603.
A special thanks to Matt Baker that handled our sound, lights, stage setup and so much more… YOU ROCKED my friend. Is my autograph still on the wife’s stomach… hehehe. Thanks to Mike Woodall and his lovely lady from Leg Up Promotions for coming out to support us. Thanks to Crystal for taking care of the door, photos and supporting us (her boys), you are awesome!!! A big thanks to Donnie, Matt, Kelly, Jennifer, Bernie, Stacy, Wendy, Heather, Sean, Charlie D Sr. (Chucky D’s Dad), Krystal, Elaine, Belinda, the John’s (three guys with the same name, Joe, Amanda, Jenny, Pine Bluff’s department of correction and so many more!!! By the way when I saw D.O.C. on the guest list that included more than 20 people.. I thought I had a following… it ended up being the Department of Correction… hehehe
Thank You SO MUCH PINE BLUFF!!!! I love you all!!!

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