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I know I am a comedian and most think I should always talk about only funny stuff, but I wanted to send something about C.A.S.A. (Court Appointed Special Advocates) – http://www.nationalcasa.org and B.A.C.A. (Bikers Against Child Abuse) – http://www.bacausa.com.  I believe in these organization and they DO make a difference.  Each organization helps or represents children that are in or removed from bad situations like neglect, abuse, etc…

Child Abuse isn’t mentioned that often in commercials, radio and other media outlets very often unless it’s something very dramatic.  Well the problem is that it is happening everywhere and more often than people want to admit.  When it happens and if you know about it, PLEASE SPEAK UP!!!  Let your local DHS office or other child welfare related organization know.   Here is a link to information – http://pediatrics.about.com/cs/childabuse/a/reporting_abuse.htm

B.A.C.A. can even step up and make their presence known so that the child and / or the parent of the child know that the child is NOT ALONE!!!  They also visit children in foster care or provide them entertainment.  These are wonderful people.  To learn more about B.A.C.A. just use this link – http://www.bacausa.com.  You can donate time and / money.

If a child is taken into the foster care system, there are advocacy organizations that will step up and help like C.A.S.A.  To learn more about C.A.S.A. just use this link – http://www.nationalcasa.org.  You can donate time and / money.  I am an advocate (more for C.A.S.A. the organization as a whole not actively advocating for a specific child) and a technical adviser and web services provider.  I also donate portions of the money I get from comedy shows that I perform in.  If I can volunteer or donate then you can too and C.A.S.A. NEEDS your help.  One of the ways you can help is by volunteering and becoming an advocate.  It’s not hard to do because I did it myself.  I completed the necessary training, background checks and was sworn in as a C.A.S.A. for the 20th Judicial District in Arkansas.  Go to the link to see all of the opportunities that can make a difference in a child’s life – http://www.nationalcasa.org.

If you read this in its entirety, thank you so much.

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