Doc’s Group Therapy @ Maduro Cigar Bar and Lounge | Little Rock, Arkansas

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Doc’s Group Therapy Comedy Podcast was recorded live at Maduro Cigar Bar and Lounge (, Arkansas on January 26th. We will be talking about post Valentines Apocalypse that included cops with thongs and trout / tramp stamps, pink guns and more along with Gun Control & other stuff that was absolutely hilarious and all the while Doc enjoyed a very nice cigar.

The panel includes host Michael ‘Doc’ Davis, his awesome geeky co-host Grant Morris, bored-board man Luke Rowlan, gun advocates Scott and Jack Romine, fellow cigar lovers, & whoever else needs a little therapy. Our photographer is the one and only Nurse Jill Farris.

The Podcast release is February 28th on, iTunes,,,, Facebook, etc…

Maduro is an awesome place to kick back and relax, have a cigar (selected from a HUGE collection), enjoy drinks from their new menu, hang out with friends and meet new ones, and enjoy a very unique and classy atmosphere that caters to anyone. It is a must see / visit location.  This was our second podcast from this location.  Michael Peace ROCKS!

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