Another night of laughs!  The 2009 AFP All-Stars / Top 10 Semi-Finalists did an Incredible Job.  What a night of fun on my Birthday.  Friends, Family, and Sponsors all came out on this Easter Eve night and showed their support for Arkansas' comedians.  This even also shows that during this time of economic troubles and world issues, people are looking for an escape from all of the stuff bringing them down and comedy provides that escape.  Highlighting these comedians and the possibilities of putting on these shows by any venue is definitely viable.  We are honored to bring more comedy and laughs to our great state.

Patrick and I started things out giving out prizes.  I threw out shirts and my arm… which is a bit sore today (getting old).  We appreciate all of our sponsors so much for helping us make this happen.  Our presenting sponsor Sync and their incredible staff (Crystal, Tabitha, Melissa, Lauren, Shea and others).  Crystal even helped us out by getting some of our stuff we forgot.  What an incredible Partner / Presenting Sponsor.  Our other sponsors included The Point, The Edge, Fite Electric, Play N' Trade,, Your Personal Paparazzi, Shutter That, Ava Bella Day Spa and Devine Image.  The judges were even funny definitely their comments after each contestant (Wade Ledbetter – Jesters Entertainment, Shea Stewart – Sync Weekly, and Mike Kennedy – The Point 94.1).  Sharpe Dunaway was at the show supporting the local comedy scene and a big thanks goes out to him also.

The comedians really brought the heat!!! If it was possible, I wish they could all be in the final round.  Regardless, now Arkansas has their top 10 comedians and All-Stars.  The only one of their kind.  April 18th will be the final round which will yield the one, the only, the REAL Arkansas' Funniest Person.  The prizes for the winners coming up are – 1st place gets the bragging rights of being the Arkansas' Funniest Person, a very nice trophy, a spot on the Anger Mis-Management Comedy Tour, $500 cash, Nitendo Wii, Day Spa, a Makeover, Photo Shoot and more… 2nd place gets plaque, $250, and a Playstation DS, 3rd place gets a plaque and $150… all of which are winners. 

Your Top 3 contestants for the final round are Jason Thompson, Tommy Kelley and Chucky D.  WAY TO GO GUYS!!!

Your 2009 All-Stars are Ray De Oh, Amy Pannell, Michael Brown, Big Chill, Josi De, Reuben the MeatMan and Mista Stick Wayne.

Here are the rankings and total points (Judges + Audience DB Count) from the semi-final Round.  As you can tell, the audience played a HUGE part.

Chucky D  188.1
Tommy Kelley 187.9
Jason Thompson 187.1
Big Chill  183.4
Ray-De-Oh  181.2
Josi De  178.5
Amy Pannell  176.1
Michael Brown 175.6
Reuben The Meatman 175.1
Mista Stick Wayne 171.1

Here are the rankings and total points (Judges + Audience DB Count) from the first Round.  As you can tell, the audience played a HUGE part.

Josi De  192.7
Tommy Kelley 186.9
Big Chill  185.4
Chucky D  184.4
Michael Brown 181.8
Jason Thompson 177.9
Mista Stick Wayne 177.3
Ray-De-Oh  176.8
Amy Pannell  175.7
Reuben The Meatman 174.7
Meloney Kristofik 173.5
Rick Hobby  172.7
Joepepsi  172.1
John David  168.7
Corban Graves 168.5
Gene Ryan Berry 160.3
Robby  160.2
Steve Rauls  158.3
Matt Singer  157.2
Jimmy Dinwiddie 155.2
Will Koberg  151.1
JP  144.1
The panoz  143.5
BenJammin  137.1
Dr. Luv  123.1

Come on out for the grand finally and history making event to see who is the Arkansas' Funniest Person.

Most of the comedians in this year’s event can be found on

Go out to for the videos.  We will produce a how it all happened DVD with the help of Your Personal Paparazzi of the three shows.

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