WHAT A WAY TO END THE CONTEST!  Patrick and I (Michael “Doc” Davis) had the honor to host and coordinate this huge event and loved every minute of it.  I know I am very proud of our state for supporting live comedy and its comedians.  I applaud you all!!!

An Incredible Job by all three contestants.  The families, friends, fans and sponsors showed up in force to root on the comedians.  If it wasn't for them this event would NOT have been such a success.  800'ish people attended the contest over the course of the 3 nights of competitions.  WOW!!!  It is so heartwarming to see so many laugh and having fun.  It has always been my dream to bring laughter to so many and it is awesome every time I witness it.  Whether it is because of me, someone else or from something I was involved in, it doesn’t matter.  This world would be a better place if people took the time to laugh.  Like I have on my website, Laughter is the best medicine; unless Rick Hobby is driving a bus and you’re in front of him… you would have to hear why… hehehe.

Patrick and I started things out by walking out in our very nicely put together tuxedos provided by Paul Morrells and entering with a funky James Bond intro.  We gave out coupons, shirts (including my arm again) and other assorted items provided by our Presenting Sponsor Sync Weekly Magazine, Fite electric, Play n Trade, The Point, The Edge, and ComedianZone.com.  A special thanks to supporting businesses like Paul Morrells, Your Personal Paparazzi, Trish Stryhorn Photography, Shutter That, GT Graphix, Ava Bella Day Spa and Devine Image.

Once again Sync showed serious love for the funny through their professionalism, flexibility and genuine desire to be there for our community.  A big thanks goes out to their staff that I have had the honor of getting to know (Crystal, Tabitha, Melissa, Lauren, Shea, Mike (the Video dude) and others).  The judges had me laughing pretty dang hard also and they were Corey and Jay from the Corey and Jay Show on The Edge 100.3 and Melissa from Sync Weekly.

I have to say, these final contestants came for the prize and were being serious about their funny.  Chucky D and Jason Thompson were extremely close with Tommy Kelley not to far behind.  They all proved beyond a shadow of a doubt why they belonged in the top 3.  There had to be a winner and it was CHUCKY D!!! 

There maybe others that say they are the funniest but the simple fact is the crowd and judges made their choice known and that is that.  If there are any challengers, there is always next year, but you have to enter.  Patrick and I may have been called the Godfathers of Comedy but CONGRATULATIONS to Chucky D as the first and current reigning Arkansas’ Funniest Person.  Chucky D took home the trophy (called The Hammy), $500 cash, Nintendo Wii (Play n Trade), Spa Treatment  (Ava Bella Day Spa), a Makeover (Devine Imaging), Photo Shoot (Shutter That); Jason Thompson received a plaque, $250, and a Nintendo DS (Play n Trade); Tommy Kelley received a plaque, $150 and 52 weeks of Donut Holes from Krispy Kreme (Play n Trade).  All of the guys were absolutely AWESOME and I was humbled by their performance as a fellow comedian.

You will be able to enjoy all three of these comedians along with Angry Patrick and Myself (Michael "Doc" Davis) as part of The Anger Mis-Management Comedy Tour – http://www.angrycomedy.com.

Here are the scores

Chucky D 190.7
Jason Thompson 189.1
Tommy Kelley 174.8

Thank you all for coming out to this history making event to see who the Arkansas' Funniest Person was going to be.

Most of the comedians in this year’s event can be found on ComedianZone.com

You can go out to SyncWeekly.com or ArkansasFunniestPerson.com for the videos, articles, pictures and more. We will produce a 'how it all happened' DVD with the help of Your Personal Paparazzi that will include video from all three shows.

Thank you all,

Michael "Doc" Davis (Comedian, Entertainer, Event Host / MC)

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