any of you have asked, ‘When will the movie's filming be complete?’.  Well we are almost done.  I had a run in with a haircut that altered my appearance a bit too much so we have to wait it out a little.  I carried a photo with me every time I went to get it cut the same and for some reason it didn't work this time.  Being the main character in the movie, I have to appear the same throughout the film.  We only have about 5 more scenes to shoot and poof we are done with the filming part.  We are hoping to be complete with all filming by end of January and latest Mid February.

Production will begin directly after final scenes and possibly a little extra shooting and voice overs may be needed.  This is a full Feature film so it's quite a bit of effort.  We are hoping for the BIG premier around early summer 2010.

The website for Tuckerman is

The Cast includes:
Robert Coltman – (adult) Michael “Doc” Davis
Robert Coltman – (teen) A. J. Purnell
Robert Coltman – (child) Ethan Westmoreland
Michelle Tanner – (adult) Shelia Stanfield
Michelle Tanner – (child) Dreama Parham
Kaitlyn Coltman – Robin Wantland
Connie Sutton – (adult) Michae Orfanos
Connie Sutton – (teen) Leena Reppucci
Donald Lenard – Tony Gschwend
Launa Lenard – Jenny Blaylock
Leena Lenard – Andrea Whittle
Tom Burns – Chuck Lawrence
James P. North – Larry Sullivan
Sonya Campbell-Matthews – Jennifer “Jay” Welsh
Ralph Campbell – Mike Brabender
Kevin Bristol – Patrick Beam
Hotel Guy – Kelly Griffin
Woman at hotel – Jennifer Burnett
George Sutton – M.D. Graham
Mary Sutton – Sharon Smith
Judy Paloodie – Meagan Chism
Rudy Paloodie – Ben Orfanos
Rebecca Moore – Ashton Harrison
Eddie Macon – Josh Harrison 
Police Officer 1 – Randy Keisler
Kaitlyn’s BF 1 – Jett Westmoreland
Kaitlyn’s BF 2 – Sharpe Dunaway
Stephen Olson – Chris Haggins
Randy Olson – Tommy Haggins
News Anchor 1 – John Lee

The Crew Includes:
Reggie Hamilton
Wain Bradley
Redmond Keisler
Jett Westmoreland
Kelly Griffin
Cliff Brannon
Chris Haggins


Michael "Doc" Davis (Comedian, Entertainer, Event Host / MC)

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