This was an incredible night and it started out with the Arkansas Razorbacks beating the tar out of Tennessee (49 to 7).  This set the stage for a great night of laughs, great spirits, dancing, and singing.    The Goal Post (7607 John Hardin Rd. in Jacksonville, Arkansas) is a nice location, warm atmosphere, and the stage was just right.  DJ Phil Houston with Houston Entertainment had everything perfect and made it easy for everyone to have a wonderful night.  Sync Weekly magazine ( was also in the house helping make sure to spread the word.  A big thank you to Melissa Tucker for sending out the photographer, he was very professional and got some laughs as well.  The evening was put together to benefit the Central Arkansas SPCA.   The Central Arkansas SPCA is headed up by Karen Stone; she also coordinated the event and did a superb job.  Central Arkansas SPCA needs lots of help so don’t wait for the next event to do so.  There are actual lives literally depending on you.  Please contact Karen at 501-336-1293 to find out how you can help.  The event was sponsored by The Goal Post and MCDLink, Inc. (

After the Razorbacks game, the double feature comedy set was next from some of the Comedians of WTF Comedy ( that included Chucky D ( and myself, Michael Doc Davis aka Doc (  I took the stage with a new high energy, high speed, interactive comedy set that involved stories, family, and personal issues, and crazy things Chucky D and I have done.  This was the first time back on stage since the news about my back. Chucky D came up next to deliver hard punching and perfect set that kept the crowd in stitches with a different spin on racial issues, drug use, grandparents, some secrets about me, and more.  We never let up until we were done.  I have to admit that the shots bought by the audience were a nice touch… the Oatmeal shot was a bit strange however it did make me think of my OREO song a few times after I drank it.  I wanted to congratulate the military couple getting married after the fiancé comes back from IRAQ regardless of my comment of from one hell to another.  HAHAHA!!!

Next up was the Karaoke contest that had 16 contestants for the first round.  The prizes ranged from $250 for 1st Prize, $100 for 2nd Prize, and $50 3rd Prize.  The competition was quite impressive to say the least.  Guess what… yep I was one of the judges along with my buddy Grant Morris (Which also videoed the comedy and 1st round of the Karaoke contest).  In the first round all of the contestants were in there comfort zone with their favorite song to sing.  However in the second round Phil had a surprise. The six final contestants had to sing 2 more songs.  Out of the final contestants in the 2nd round, only 3 could be chosen and they were 1st Place Justin Bunting, 2nd Place Lucy Galloway, and 3rd Place Leslie Galloway.

A special thanks to Grant Morris.  He’s always been there in support of comedy, film, and more.  He is also a comedian and actor that can be found in our WTF Comedy Sketches.  You just have to see it to understand just how far he will go to help.  I’m just say’n.

This was an all around great time and if you missed it, you missed out.  There will be another event early next year by the Central Arkansas SPCA so stay tuned.  This date will be announced at a later time.

Thank you all for coming out and supporting Comedy, Karaoke, and MOST OF ALL supporting the Central Arkansas SPCA.

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